Jeff Lambert
Jeff and his beautiful wife Kim were the first of Michelle's friends to meet AJ. The four of them took a Duffy boat ride during AJ's first trip to California and they've been doing double dates ever since! Jeff got to know AJ's true character right off the bat and they shared so many laughs on that first outing. He has watched their relationship grow from the very beginning and he's been there for so many special moments along the way. He's known Michelle for years #FHS and he caught up very quickly with AJ. They are so excited for Jeff to tell their story on the wedding day and lead everyone through an incredible ceremony with the perfect recipe of laughs, joyous tears, and everything else Jeff deems necessary to sprinkle in along the way! #preachpreacher
Jordan Mahoney
Matron of Honor
WE MET IN 2005 when my freshman year roomie at CU introduced us (they were high school friends). We immediately bonded ... she made a trip out to CA that summer even though we didn't really know each other well ... and the rest is history! In addition to being my best friend, she is also my Kappa sister #KKG! She is beautiful on the inside and out and has the biggest heart! I am beyond lucky to have her in my life!!

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Jordan:

1. She was the one that literally pulled me off of AJ and out of the bar the night I kissed (and met) him #truefriend

2. She has some of the best dance moves - keep an eye out for her on the dance floor!

3. She has early on-set hot flashes!

4. She has incredible strength when she drinks ... watch out!

5. She's allergic to Mango - random but true!
Joelle Goldman
WE MET IN 2011 when my brother brought her to a party I was having. I knew from the second we met that she was the one for him and now she is the sister I always wanted and never had!! She may be pint size, but she has a huge heart and a smile that lights up the room. I'm so lucky to have her as my "sister-in-love."

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Joey:

1. She used to be Matt's boss!

2. She is a fellow Buff #GoCU

3. She is a beer connoisseur and she has a pretty big beer belly right now (JK - she's prego - yay!)

4. She hates cilantro ... despises it!

5. She's got jokes!
Allison Welk
WE MET IN 2014 when I did my first trip back to Chicago to see AJ. We met at The Fishers' annual Christmas party (shout out!) and she was so sweet and welcoming. She is a no nonsense kind of girl, which I love, and she is an incredible mom to my little nephews! I am so lucky to have her as my future "sister-in-love!"

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Allison:

1. She's allergic to shellfish ... Don't tempt her!

2. She loves a good monogram!

3. She recently moved to Charlotte so she's a Southern girl now!

4. She's a Theta ... but I still love her!

5. She studied Midwifery in London.
Kim Lambert
WE MET IN 1998 when I moved to Tustin and transferred to Hewes Middle School in 6th grade. Our friendship has grown over the last 19 years (wow - we are old) and it's gotten stronger every year! She has a heart of gold and a quick wit that always keep a smile on my face! I love our coffee dates #Alta, and every moment we spend together singing Celine Dion and dancing like butterflies.

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Kim:

1. She's a card shark!

2. She loves a good "treat yo'self" day

3. She started her own company called SHE - ask her about it! #girlboss

4. She loves dark chocolate ... like ... loves it!

5. We were born one day apart!
Kari Rader
WE MET IN 2003 in our photography class Junior year, but got really close after we both graduated from college and moved back home #TTown. As some of the only high school friends back in Orange County, we became thick as thieves! Our friendship knows no boundaries #NewZealand and continues to evolve:) She is incredibly loyal and always has my back no matter what. So lucky to have her as my true friend.

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Kari:

1. She thinks she can do different accents really well (but they all sound English)

2. She pretty much only wears black.

3. She hates bangs - but for some reason - decides to have them about twice a year (it's a vicious cycle)!

4. She and I share an affinity for a good photo booth session!

5. When she drinks, she thinks she's a professional gymnast, singer, dancer, etc. #icandothat
Mere Epp
WE MET IN 2006 when Mere came through differed recruitment. I was one of the first girls to meet her and I knew she was Kappa material from the second we met! She quickly became my "sister" and one of my best friends! Even though she's been living in Australia for awhile, FaceTime keeps us close. She has the biggest heart and an incredibly contagious laugh! She is one-of-a-kind and a beautiful spirit inside and out.

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Mere:

1. She loves Cinnamon Bears ... LOVES them!

2. She is currently living down under! #missyou

3. She makes your face hurt from smiling so much when you are around her!

4. She loves the ocean and helping to protect all of it's beauty!

5. She is all about a good theme party. Ask her about that one time she dressed up as a "scary toothbrush."
Dave Welk
Best Man
WE MET IN 2011 when he was courting my sister while we all lived in Chicago. Now they are married with 2 adorable boys and living in Charlotte, NC. Dave has always shared words of wisdom, acted as a mentor, been there to discuss worldly issues over bourbons and cigars, and now he's going to be my best man while I marry the women of my dreams. Cheers to you my brother!!

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Dave:

1. He loves Cool Ranch Doritos!

2. He writes the best Facebook posts - you should follow him!

3. He's an Eagle Scout #lonesurvivor

4. He's great in the kitchen, but even better on the grill #greenegg

5. He never turns down a good Bourbon!
Justin Bushweiler
WE MET IN 2007 while on senior year spring break in Acapulco. Lets just say our friendship grew as we both matured. Picture something like...from bottle service in the club... to bottles of wine at our houses. Justin and I enjoy golf, country music, fine dining, discussing our career goals over a great manhattan, and just about everything else two gentlemen in their retirement ages fancy!!

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Justin:

1. Sometimes he's referred to as "Big Bird"; he's 6' 8'' with an incredible hairdo.

2. He has an extensive collection of jean shorts aka "jorts"

3. Conversely, he has a wardrobe with every suite accessory you can fathom (ie tie clips, suspenders, pocket squares, cuff links and an impressive sock game).

4. He's one of THOSE people that takes pictures of his food and post of Instagram.

5. He drives a pretty sweet Harley.
Michael D'Agostino
WE MET IN 2003 on our first day living in the dorms at Marquette University. Michael was a fellow Chicagoan and was down to party. From that day on, he's lived life to the fullest and I've been fortunate to share many great experiences with him. We've attended countless Chicago sporting events, shared a passion for the Colorado slopes, and have always enjoyed the gratification of finding a "deal."

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Michael:

1. He was with me the 2nd night I ran into Michelle after she kissed me and ran out. We were having dinner at a country bar in Chicago (Bub City).

2. He was a ski bum in Colorado for a short stint in his 20's.

3. He's an annual participant in the Chicago Polar Plunge (Full body plunge into frigid Lake Michigan to support athletes of Special Olympics).

4. He is the oldest of 6 brothers and sisters

5. He broke his rib while attempting to bare foot at his parent's lake home #amateur
Ben Weiland
WE MET IN 2005 during my junior year at Marquette University. Ben is a Wisconsin native and he was kind enough to befriend a fellow Illinoian. We both studied Commercial Real Estate and have enjoyed talking shop ever since. Ben has always provided great advice to me over the years on my professional life, personal life, and how to have a work-life balance.

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Ben:

1. He's the father of a beautiful daughter (Claire) and has another on the way.

2. He's a middle child.

3. Prior to married life, he used to be referred to as "Bottle Service Ben." #BSB

4. He enjoys an occasional bourbon Old Fashion while catching up with his social circle.

5. He was born with exceptional athletic abilities, and despite the fact that his work out routine has gone dormant, he'll outperform people half his age.
Jake Marquardt
WE MET IN 2013 while we were both living in Chicago. Jake and I became fast friends as we both shared a strong love of family, all things food and wine, and deep discussions while savoring a bottle (or two) of vino. Jake's selfless nature and his ability to charm others through his quick witted persona, are just a few reasons why I'm excited to have him as one of my groomsmen.

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Jake:

1. His alma mater is "The Ohio State University," so this Buckeye has an affinity for college football.

2. Last year he completed the famous El Camino de Sanitago, a 500 mile walk from southern France to the northern Spanish coastline.

3. He is the youngest of 5 siblings.

4. He has a passion for water sports, as he spent almost every summer of the past 32 years at his family lake home in Green Lake, WI.

5. He was a ski bum in Park City Utah in 2012.
Matt Goldman
WE MET IN 2015 when I attended his Ketubah signing ceremony, officially marrying his wife Joelle. It was a fun filled weekend in San Diego and I quickly realized I was going to gain another great brother-in-law. Matt is a craft beer connoisseur, he's active in the tech start-up community in San Diego, and he enjoys all outdoor activities with his dog (Kahlua). He will soon be "dad" to a baby boy and I'm excited to meet my new nephew.

5 RANDOM FACTS you should know about Matt:

1. He has an odd obsession with eggs.

2. Ask him to do his Russian accent - it's killer!

3. He has an incredible falsetto voice and loves to sing "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly!

4. He's a wiz on computers. I'd tell you more but I don't really understand.

5. Olives are the way to his heart ... Black olives to be precise!